State Events in Continuous Modelling and Simulation

FBS 03 (Series 'Fortschrittsberichte Simulation / Advances in Simulation'); digital reprint ISBN ebook: 978-3-903347-03-8, DOI: 10.11128/fbs.03, ARGESIM Wien 2020

Über dieses Buch

State Events in Continuous Modelling and Simulation deals with state events in continuous systems in a comprehensive way. Starting with an introduction on state events by means of simple examples a classfication of state events is given. Then the book describes systematically and methodically how state events can be formulated in mathematical models and/or simulators. Furthermore, a state-of-the-art report on handling of state events in modern simulators is given.
The second part of the book is devoted to a new approach. Based on a Model Interconnection Concept a Meta Model Concept is presented, which claims to simplify modelling and handling of state events in continuous simulation. The basic idea is to transfer state events from the model level to another level, as well the executive control of the events as well as the description of the events in separate models. As consequence, modelling and implementation of state events, re-usability of models etc. become much more simple.

Über den Autor

Dr. Johannes Plank studied Technical Mathematics at the TU Vienna. During his studies, he attended several lectures on simulation techniques, also his diploma thesis dealt with simulation techniques and comparison of simulation software. Under the supervision of Prof. Breitenecker, he started to work on this dissertation in 1995. Since his graduation to the doctoral degree in April 1997, he is now engaged in a project on "Numerical Simulation in Tunnelling" at the Technical University Graz, Austria.