Optimisation of Scheduling Problems Based on Timed Petri Nets

FBS 15 (Series 'Fortschrittsberichte Simulation / Advances in Simulation'); Print ISBN 978-3-901608-65-0; Online ISBN: 978-3-903347-15-1, DOI: 10.11128/fbs.15

About this Book

This volume deals with modelling and simulation of scheduling and sequencing problems based on Petri Nets. In particular, Timed, Coloured, and Stochastic Petri Nets are used to model and implement specific scheduling problems in the field of production processes and other discrete event systems. The Petri Net models are simulated over the time domain and a simulation-based optimisation is implemented to optimise the input sequences. In case of stochastic processes the comparison of alternative system configurations is a highly sophisticated problem. A sequential paired t-test and variance reduction techniques are used and implemented to solve the stochastic optimisation for sequencing and scheduling problems. In the course of this work the PetriSimM toolbox is developed and embedded in the MATLAB environment.

About the Author

Thomas Löscher studied Technical Mathematics at the University of Technology ofVienna. During his diploma study he specialised in modelling, simulation and optimisation of discrete event systems. In his PhD study he continued his research in the field of simulationbased optimisation. He studied one semester abroad based on cooperation with the faculty of electrical engineering of the university Ljubljana, Slovenia. There he found the basis for his PhD thesis where he optimised scheduling problems based on Timed Petri nets. The results of his work are published in this volume. During his PhD study he also worked for the ARC Seibersdorf research company in the field of discrete event simulation. Currently he is employed as research associate at the Profactor Company in the business domain Process and System Intelligence.